morning walks listening to sera cahoone

November 9, 2012

As I like to put it, I am a rather delicate flower.

I’m a pale skinned gal who actually seems to be allergic to the sun (no joke!). I tend to avoid intense sun and heat and revel in sweater weather. Yep, I’m a Midwestern transplant who full-heartedly embraces the thousands of layers that the Pacific Northwest weather necessitates. So this time of year? Hello, I love it. LOVE IT. It makes me super incredibly happy–I can’t even begin to describe the pleasure it gives me. But it is also a guilty pleasure right now because many friends and family members are dealing with the awful weather repercussions out east and my heart aches for them. We were back out in Philadelphia recently and beat Sandy and her aftermath by only about a week. We were really lucky on that one.

The weather in PT is definitely quieter. We are experiencing a perfect combination of both sun and rain before the grey hits. The beauty is pretty overwhelming. And so I’ve been taking the dog for morning walks, appreciating the fall colors and stocking up on my vitamin D while getting lost in my iPod.

Here are a few images of my mornings from my Instagram feed. (You can follow me at saltandpine, if you’d like. I’m over there much more often than here!) A great singer/songwriter who I have been listening to while walking is Sera Cahoone. She is perfect for walking, thinking, reflecting and zoning out. There’s a wonderful performance of her live on KEXP at the end of the post–definitely check it out and let me know what you think!





  • Erin

    happy to see you over here again :) I am loving your instagram shots. I love the Pacific Northwest so much!

    • ptkate

      Thanks, Erin! Next time you are up in my neck of the woods, I’ll treat you to a coffee & a hike! :)

  • The Suburb Experiment

    Gorgeous pictures! I think I’m allergic to sun (for reals) too. My skin is sooo much happier this time of year.

    • ptkate

      Hey Jenn! We are in the best spot in the world for delicate skin, don’t you think? As long as our brains can take the grey & rain… ;) I just stopped by your blog--you look so cute, you pregnant lady!! Hope all is well.

  • Amber

    I’ve been getting lost in my ipod lately too, while running. It’s amazing how many things I can sort out while hitting the pavement with a good playlist in hand. Beautiful pictures.

    • ptkate

      Thanks, Amber! It really is true about music, isn’t it? Exercise + a good playlist is my best form of therapy these days…

  • Inge

    Ah, the sea! How wonderful to see it on a morning walk.
    I’m a rather delicate flower as well, so I know what you mean. Though I must say I miss the sun immensely, as days are usually quite gray this time of year. Today, however, was beautifully sunny and there’s not much better than a sunny autumn day.

    • ptkate

      I have a feeling you definitely know what I’m talking about, Inge. :) Although we both get the grey days, I’d love to visit your area of the world to experience some of that grey (and hopefully the sun, too)!

  • Danie at Pasadya

    Beautiful photos! I really love the third one. :) One of my friends from Hong Kong avoids the sun like the plague. You’ll always catch her with an umbrella--to shield the sun instead of the rain, of course!

    • ptkate

      I probably should start using an umbrella for the sun, too. People avoid umbrellas like the plague in the PNW (to show we’re tough in the rain, of course) but maybe I should start a trend for the sun! ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog, Danie!

  • 180|360

    Such beautiful images! I was not familiar with Sera but look forward to checking out more of her work.

  • Jen

    So incredibly beautiful.

    I have a sun allergy too. And yet, even though I know it’s terrible for me, I crave it. I am a beach/warm weather kinda gal. I think this probably speaks to something deeper here—I can’t quit that which makes me itchy and miserable. This seems to be a theme with me. Ha!

  • Stasha

    You know I heart you IG feed. Are you still private though?

    • ptkate

      I switch on and off…I debate the pros and cons of both, and then I forget which one it is on! Oops! My saving grace is that at least I’m really good at approving people who want to follow… :)

  • Gena

    Seriously… i’ve been coming back to your blog at least once a week to replay this music. Thank you! I’m a pacific northwest girl -- born and raised in Seattle -- but currently living in Holland… so the pics of the great NW always make me feel right at home. It is just so so beautiful and I miss it. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • ptkate

      Thanks so much for the sweet comment, Gena! I’m glad I can help bring on the good memories. As you know, this time of year can be rough weather-wise, so while you are dreaming of the PNW, now you have me dreaming of Holland… ;)

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