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May 28, 2013

salt+pine-old timber


“Life forms illogical patterns. It is haphazard and full of beauties which I try to catch as they fly by, for who knows whether any of them will ever return?”   -Margot Fonteyn


I could give many reasons for my blog absence, but does anyone truly like to read a laundry list of reasons why something doesn’t happen? The brief synopsis is this: For several reasons, I lost the desire to write in this space.

Blogging, for me, is a siren song. I’m allured by the inexorable pull to share something of myself and find connection with others. But I’ll confess that on some level it freaks me out to write an online journal–Anyone on the Internet can see it!–and at times I get skittish. But ultimately I like the community of good souls I have met through this space too much to stop. So those sirens are pulling me in again. (Hopefully not to ultimately shipwreck on a rocky coastline, though. :) )

There are so many contours of life that I find myself weaving in and out of these days. Comfortable, uncomfortable, exciting, boring, necessary and unnecessary. When I turned forty this year, my only promise to myself was to try to be more present in what I do, whatever that is. I want to catch every moment and dang, that can get pretty exhausting but it can be pretty beautiful, too. So I’m back to blogging to catch those beauties and remember them.


My friend Brandi helped me with a redesign of salt+pine! She did a wonderful job and I absolutely love its beautiful simplicity. If you are considering any change to your site, she is your woman!


(photo taken by my husband on a hike at Lena Lake in the Olympics)


  • Erin

    happy to see you back here :) But I understand the privacy thing. It freaks me out if I think about it too carefully. And also, there is something to be said for being present- and that often means less time online and more with loved ones in-person.

    But regardless, looking forward to hearing more from you in this even prettier space!

    • ptkate

      It’s that double-edge sword thing, isn’t it? Wanting to document, but not missing out, wanting to share, but wanting privacy…argh! I’ve decided to go easy on myself and not feel internal pressure to live life in order to document it on the blog. If I am inspired to share, then it gets shared. I’m not going to push. And like you, I’m going the not think about the privacy thing too much, either. :) Thank you for my welcome back--I figured my faithful few would be there for me!

  • Amber

    I’m kind of in the mindset of I’ll blog when I feel like blogging and that’s it! I feel everything you wrote, the privacy, being present, all of it. At times I want to shut it all down, but then I wouldn’t connect with lovely people through these little spaces where we share our worlds. I would miss that.

    Happy Summer

    • ptkate

      Thanks for sticking with me and reading, Amber. You’re right--it’s all about the connections. I love that through blogging I met you, Erin, and so many other people. I really love that there seems to be a subtle shift in the blog world toward life balance, connection and substance and I think your mindset is perfect!

  • melissa

    oh yes. yes! yes! yes! i love that you are back, and brandi dropped a hint that she was working on a new website for you…it’s gorgeous, it’s you! and i was secretly hoping you would be selling some of your pottery here, or at least, you plan to share more photos and stories. honestly, i am just happy to have you back…a real person sharing good words, stories, and depth. you know, original content. {ahhh, a big sigh of relief!}

    looking forward to more katie! xo

    • ptkate

      Thank you, Mel! You are so kind--especially about my pottery. I’m not sure it is sellable yet! Although I have a couple of mentors who have absolutely gorgeous work…I’m trying to eventually follow in their footsteps. :) xoxo

  • Brandi

    I am so wildly happy to be reading your words again — and doubly thrilled that I was able to help you create this new space. I come here and I just breathe deeply, because something about the combination of your photographs and words steals me away from the big city I live in to the open spaces where you live. My heart broke free there, and I really can’t wait to come visit.

    • ptkate

      Thank you, Brandi--you know, I realized that it helps me to come here, too. It makes me breathe a bit deeper when I put it in the proper perspective. That’s how I know when it feels right and *you* helped me get there! xoxo

  • Anika

    LOVE the redesign. It showcases your photos perfectly. And I too am happy you are back in this space. I think you are totally ready to sell some of your artistry. You are amazing! XO

    • ptkate

      You are a keeper, friend. Thanks for being such a good real life and cyber cheerleader. (Although I’m not sure I believe you about the pottery…more time! Need more time to figure out what I’m doing! However, I do like that wabi sabi look…maybe I should stay a beginner forever? ;) ) xoxo

      • anika

        You know me well enough to know that I am 100% honest when I cheerlead aka your pottery is lovely. Happy sunshine!!!!!

  • Uncle Beefy

    Welcome back, lovely lady! Well worth waiting for. Always. xo :) UB

  • Theresa

    It’s beautiful, Katie! You and Brandi did a wonderful job.
    Coincidentally, I’m going through a similar “something” and can wholly relate to what you’ve written above. I wanted to be more present in my life (for my family and friends and me) and I couldn’t make blogging work with that desire. I hope to come out the other side and end up where you’re at right now -- Inspired to share again. Welcome back!

    • ptkate

      I thought you might be on a similar path, Theresa. I keep checking my feed to see if there is anything from you, but don’t worry. I’m patient. Real life is worth it and yes, I bet you will come back more inspired than ever! Thanks for being patient with me and welcoming me back! :)

  • susan

    thanks for finding me on twitter…lovely blog! I feel the same at times about blogging…such an ebb + flow. by the way your logo is my what my husband and I use—susan + parker! :)

    • ptkate

      Susan, I love that you have a special connection to “s+p”--that’s fabulous! Your blog is wonderful. Did you know that for a time, I lived in Philadelphia with my husband? I have some great memories of that city!

  • curatetheday

    Your site looks beautiful and I am so happy to have a glimpse into your thoughts + corner of the world. Look forward to seeing more. xo

  • Torrie @ a place to share...

    beautiful. your new site, and your words.

    it is a siren song. and i love that so many who have “shipwrecked” (not that this a bad thing, necessarily… right?!) are now being allured BACK.

  • 180360

    I’m glad you are back, too. The redesign is beautiful, as is the photo by your husband. :)

    • ptkate

      Thanks! I always tell Joe when you like one of his photos. I think he loves it that a professional photographer likes his shots.:)

  • poppinga

    glad to have found your space here -- beautiful site and that photograph is gorgeous!

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